How would SEO be like in 2021?

How would SEO be like in 2021?

Mostly all of us have been carrying a few grievances, anger, and bitterness about 2020. It was truly not a happening year as we faced a nasty pandemic that took a bit devastating turn too. However, there are hardly few days left for the end of this year. Let us say it goodbye on the high note and welcome with the new year with the open arms. Just like the physical world, the virtual world is also affected by the advent of covid-19. As per the search engine journal, the flow of SEO is also altered in 2020. If you are looking forward to making the best use of SEO in 2021, then there are a few things that you would need to keep in mind.

Though 2020 was indeed a year full of bad experiences, it has made certain things clear about SEO that might be beneficial to us in 2021. In this write-up, we shall try to understand those minute details of SEO that might help the search marketers to get prepared and emerge better:


Understand that search intent and demands are fluid in nature

To rule the digital world and stay at the top of the search engine, it is always important to formulate effective SEO strategies. Without having solid SEO strategies, the purpose might look faded. For this, an individual needs to understand that searcher intent stands as a vital part of running a successful SEO campaign. Knowing that the search intent and demand is fluid in nature is totally important. This is because there is always an intent behind the search query and if one wishes to build a page, then it should be in a way that it satisfies the intent. Google ranks the pages at the top position in their results whose intent is up to the mark and matches best to it.

Having a page that fits the best as per the google requirements is a bit complicated process. The global pandemic hadmade this process more complicated than before as the search intent for a particular query got changed. This resulted in either gaining or losing the rank of a page due to the switched intent. Also, according to the search engine journal, Google is found to be quick at adjusting its results depending upon the changing intent of the people during the quarantine phase.

Diversifying the market strategy and revising the keyword time to time is extremely important to stay relevant to the Google search results. It is an obvious thing that the behaviour of the searcher cannot be controlled; here, we are liable of doing things that we can control without losing the track. Monitoring and making suitable adjustments stands as a better option here.

There are a variety of tools available such as SEMrush, Moz, etc. that could help at tracking the success of your web page.

The agility of the local businesses and local SEO pros

As per Google, the hardest hit sector during the pandemic are the local businesses. Due to lockdowns, curfews or events like social restrictions or distancing, the business owners were forced to make their existence in the digital world. To help them, Google did a fabulous job by providing Google My Business. This platform found to be extremely useful for the local business owners as they got a great source to communicate with their customers or clients.

Though Google facilitates an entire blissful platform for the local business owners to sell their products or services, it becomes important on the business owner's path to make their Google My Business campaigns worthy. As the pandemic makes it difficult for the customers to physical visit the stores, it becomes necessary for the business owners to communicate well with their customers. In such a situation, making most out of the google and search engine tools is essential. To summarise this, an individual needs to stay agile when it comes to managing an online business and running an appropriate SEO campaign for it. The most agile business would be able to fetch the various opportunities that are basically in the form of new features added from time to time.

Know that the SEO community is strong and supportive

The most important thing that we must mend in our minds is the acknowledgement that the SEO community is ever innovative, robust and at the same time supportive and open to all. No matter how high the degree of diversification hits the real world, the digital cosmos stay invariably strong, ready to accept all challenges. During the course of the pandemic when many people lost employment, SEO professionals stepped wonderfully go help the other professionals get jobs somehow. Sharing the resumes on Twitter or other social media, sharing advice to run the business successfully and so on were the ideas adopted by the SEO pros. The SEO skills seemed to help the non SEO professionals, and thus the SEO community could contribute to generating employment.

So, a quick recap of the above to have a better 2021 is regularly reviewing the SERPs and making sure that the future web page aligns well with the intent search. Also, not forgetting that we have a whole SEO community to compete with;thus we would need to make special efforts to stand out of the crowd. Further, it is also important to remember that our support to the other local businesses is also required and at the same time we would need to assist them too. Our intention should be growing together rather than pulling the other one down.
Remember, the future of SEO is bright, and by seeking it on our path, our future could turn brighter!

Though 2020 cannot be regarded as one of the good years of this decade,there are a few things about digital marketing that it made us learn. Such things would be really useful in 2021 to improve ourselves and plan better business strategies.