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Link Building for a New Website

A study that was recently conducted, shows that by 2019, 85% of the content produced online will be content based on videos rather than texts. Today, consumer who are taking the benefit of internet, most of their data is used over audios and videos. And, mobile audio crowd is about 60% now and is anticipated to rise by 2021. Video traffic is more than audio traffic and is expected to rise to 78% in the near future.

Presently, YouTube is the most preferred site for videos, with almost 1 billion users worldwide. Videos of 1 billion hours are daily watched here. According to YouTube, people in America watch YouTube more than any other channel.

Like any other thing, videos also need proper tactics and strategies to increase viewership.


Some of the basic things in regards to SEO:

Name Your Channel

First of all, you need to gather at least 500 subscribers. Now a very general question that everybody would ask is why 500 subscribers? It is so that because you claim a vanity URL only after acquiring 500 subscribers. And also the channel must be 30 days old. The conceit channels must have their icon and an uploaded channel placard.

Use Channel Keywords

Channel keywords element enables the marketers’ position significant keywords to welcome and generate traffic to the channel. You should pay more attention to YouTube optimized keywords inside the Search engine’s framework to make sure that the channel obtains high ranking on Google.

Channel Description

Never ignore the channel’s description part. You need to think from a viewer’s point of view. Viewers go to the description area to know about the channel. Filling your description are allows your viewers to know what your channel is all about. Search engines reward every endeavors towards viewers’ better experience. And if you are smart enough, you can add keywords in your description box as well.

Channels or companies that are not optimizing their channels with the help of keywords, branding and linking are misplacing significant chance to uplift ROI. Linking, tagging and branding require time, but in the long run, it bestows greater returns. And those who do not feel like opting these marketing strategies, sobs later.

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