Link Building

Link Building for a New Website

If you are about to start building a link for your website, don’t get intimidated by your rival’ links and efforts. You can effortlessly get instant links, but good links demand time and efforts. First and the foremost thing is that the site should be linkworthy. Let’s take a look at how to build a link:

Great Content

Before developing your link, make sure that you have good content. Your site will be nothing without great content. For this, you need to look out what are the things already there and try to make your own superior version of it. You should also look out for the things that are not there so that you can bring them on board and make content out of it.

Evergreen content can be your go to partner while creating content. Evergreen content doesn’t rely upon prevalent and trending subjects.

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a great area to establish authority. And if you want some new and unique content ideas, you can take help from Quora. If you ever get a link here, then it is a nofollowed link which is good for generating crowd but remember it does not benefit in ranking.

See Links of Your Competitors

Search for your competitor’s link and reach out those sites.
Never completely imitate your rival’s profile as they might have some content that is futile. If you like something in general, you can take help and idea, and write. But do not run after it only because it is your competitor’s profile. This will harm you in the long run.

Interview Interesting Personalities

This is another way to build you the link.
Interview some interesting personalities. But be cautious while asking questions. Never ask questions that were asked to the interviewee before. Before interviewing, do research on the questions that were previously asked from the concerned person. After that, prepare your own unique set of questions. If you ask repetitive questions, it will not make you stand out if the crowd.

Use Video Contents

Sometimes visual representation earns you more links that texts.
Texts are not as creative as any visual representation. Try to put drawings and videos in your content. Videos, specifically, attracts more crowd towards it than any written form of content.

SeeNew Links of the Competitor Every Week

Check out your competitor’s link every week. Try to explore the new links to your competition. Sometimes you will feel like copying and imitating them, but that’s not a good idea in the long run. Who knows you might find a better opportunity later.

Sponsor a Local Event

It is not compulsory that by sponsoring a group, team or event, you will get a link. But this is important for building a brand. Building your brand will benefit you later.

Guest Post

Guest post does generate traffic and provides few clients. But do not overboard. Try to have only one or two guest posts. And do not consider this as the only way or trick to build a link.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is a great way to boost your link. Offline marketing gets your work in from of the people that create the huge possibility for a link.The word-of-mouth is the key to offline marketing. You never know what could happen? Who knows you might get a client or a link from any blogger.

Separate Longer Contents

If you’re planning to deliver a longer content, then it is generally advised to break it into small pieces. But you need to make sure that the small chunks are independent on their own terms. This can help you make you some links.
Building a link is not something that can be achieved over a night. It requires time and patience. Take your time and never go for shortcuts, take advantage of the new possibilities.

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