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Link Building for a New Website

Google SEO has come a long way, and its meaning has changed considerably. While a lot of things changed, there are a few that are very important for the SEO plan to succeed. Here are 3 SEO factors that you must consider to have an incredible SEO plan:


The very first thing that you need to consider is content. That does not mean that you only need ‘a content’. You will require content that is relevant for the users and serves a purpose to them. Irrelevant content does not make any sense. Martin Splitt said that “It’s something that users need and/or want.Optimally they need it andwant it, like icecream.”

A content that serves the purpose of the people is the best content. For instance, if someone wants or is looking for a professional camera, Google inclines to designate product sites that are the precise counterpart of the professional camera. It is just that because Google knows that finding the exact match will give more satisfaction to the users. So, it basically tells to provide correct, exact and up to the mark information.
Another important aspect is that the content must be relevant. He said that one of the greatest ways to make the content relevant is to “speak the language that I am using.”


This SEO factor is highly technical.
Be sure that you have Meta tags that elucidate your content perfectly. Because meta descriptions provide you prospect to have a small snippet in the search results. This helps out people in finding out which result will be the best for them.

Splitt also told that you should have specific titles. You should give your content the title according to the page that you are working for. So, he urged to not make a title for everything.
One of the major questions that arise here is that is a Meta description a ranking factor? Well, it isn’t. And it is very well understood.


Performance must be considered above the other two factors. This is also technical, just like Meta Data. As a ranking factor, it does not overrule the other two factors. The speed of the website should be fast so as to keep the user interested. This directly indicates that Google will look over mediocre performance and rank a site only if the experience of the user would be suffered by not revealing the site.


As soon as Martin wrapped up his part, A guest (web developer) asked a question that ‘why is it so important for companies to rank like in the top results?’’

Martin answered:

“So in order to make sure that people can use it they have to know about it… You want to be the first or first couple of because I’m not going to go to page 99 and go like oh yeah this might be the perfect thing.
Because Google and other search engines are trying to figure out what is best for this purpose and then show me those up front.”

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